The end: as important as the beginning?

Dear readers, Thank you so much for an exciting launch week for my book, The Innocent Witch. Already I’ve had some great reviews on Amazon – some of you devouring it in mere days – and so many kind words from readers! I’ve had a few people comment that they did not see the endContinue reading “The end: as important as the beginning?”

Lead in lipsticks? Not any more!

Lead WAS used in cosmetics in the past, but its now banned, along with other several other heavy metals. Read on the internet that your cosmetics still contain lead? Discard that source, it’s not true! In this video, Belinda shows you the regulations surrounding lead and heavy metals, as well as debunks all those leadContinue reading “Lead in lipsticks? Not any more!”

Writer’s diary 3: Social media tips for authors

How to master social media is a huge topic, so one writer’s diary can’t possibly tell you all, but I’d like to share some great tips to help you get started. Undoubtedly, the biggest issue you have as an author-to-be is: how do you build an audience of readers when you don’t have a bookContinue reading “Writer’s diary 3: Social media tips for authors”

Watch how they used to make cold creams in the Elizabethan era

In this video, Belinda shows you how they used to put cold creams together, and why we don’t make them that way anymore. You can contact for the formula and method, and try it for yourself. I am sure you will agree, the creams we use today are much nicer than anything they usedContinue reading “Watch how they used to make cold creams in the Elizabethan era”

Writers diary 2: The editing process

In my last writers diary, I talked you through how I got started. I hope that helped give you inspiration to get started, or keep going, if you have not already made it to the end of your first draft.               In this blog, I want to talk you through the editing process – notContinue reading “Writers diary 2: The editing process”

Water vs wine: what did they used to drink?

If you try searching ‘did they drink water or wine’ on the internet, you will quickly find there are as many articles citing that beer and wine was a preferred drink in the past, as there are articles debunking this myth. Rather than retell what you can already find out there, this blog will insteadContinue reading “Water vs wine: what did they used to drink?”

Writers diary 1: Getting words on paper

In April 2018, my husband Richard and I visited the most gorgeous little town, called Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Germany. I had presented at a conference in Amsterdam the week before, and since I was fascinated with the history of the region, and so close to Germany compared to where we live in Australia,Continue reading “Writers diary 1: Getting words on paper”

What Queen Elizabeth I used as make up… and why we don’t use it anymore

With all of the hype around ‘clean beauty’ and ‘free from’ claims scaring consumers away from otherwise perfectly safe and even enhanced performance synthetic cosmetic ingredients, I thought this blog post would make an interesting read to explain where some of the ridiculousness of ‘toxic beauty’ started. This blog is going to go far beyondContinue reading “What Queen Elizabeth I used as make up… and why we don’t use it anymore”

Herbal medicine vs. pharmaceuticals: which work best?

Herbal medicine can be a great option to support one’s health. However, I get a lot of people ask me: why is herbal medicine so cautiously regarded by the medical profession, when it’s been around for so many years? The main character of my first book is a herbal healer during the early 17th century,Continue reading “Herbal medicine vs. pharmaceuticals: which work best?”

How did they make herbal extracts?

Herbal medicine was commonly used from very early history and even still today. Have you ever wondered how they made herbal extracts? While the process can be standardised today to ensure certain active constituents are present in specific concentrations, the traditional method of making herbal extracts has remained more or less unchanged over thousands ofContinue reading “How did they make herbal extracts?”