Belinda Carli

Weaving historical facts with fiction…

Truth is often stranger than fiction…

Welcome those of you who love history, and also love facts.

So much of what we have and do today comes from a part of history – some as recently as the new millennium, a lot from one or more centuries ago. If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree there is a lot we can learn from our past. We can learn a lot from the innovations of the days gone by, and we can learn even more from our own, and other’s mistakes.

One thing I see a lot of is misinformation about the past. This page is all about sharing my love of history with you, and providing some facts about the past, to dispel some of the rubbish myths we have to live with today. I also want to share with you some interesting bits of history that led to some great innovations we take for granted now.

Please enjoy my blogs where I’ll look at all things history, and where fiction meets fact. I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction…

You may know Belinda from her work at the Institute of Personal Care Science or Youtube Channel. Did you also know she is a writer?

Belinda has written 100’s of cosmetic and science based articles over the years, as well as 6 books on cosmetic science and brand management.

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